Handmade & Bound

After spending this last week preparing for the Handmade & Bound fair on Sunday, arriving at the venue (after a rather rainy journey) it was great to see such a good turnout of book artists, illustrators and designers, zinesters and small presses, printmakers and everyone in between.

Kali and I shared a table this year (I was on the left, but by the time I took this photo my half of the table looked a little barren).

The lovely Karoline’s table over in the ‘Gocco corner’ of the room. I do love a bit of silver Gocco ink…

Congratulations to Kali for winning second place in the Shepherd’s Bookbinders ‘Best in Show’ prize, and to LCC student Moonkeum for winning first prize (and a particularly lovely rosette).

Take a look at the Flickr stream for more photos from the event.

2 responses to “Handmade & Bound

  1. this looks like an amazing event……. and i always wanted a gocco 😦

    • Goccos are very easy to use, apparently. They’re quite easy to get a hold of, but I think the supplies are getting increasingly scarce, as they’ve stopped manufacturing them…

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